natural food



without kitchen and cooks…




natural food is untreated, real food, as it grows by itself in nature… it is raw food without any pesticides… and it should be eaten fresh from the natural environment within a few seconds…

the moment we start to eat like an animal, our natural, innate instinct is waking up… this instinct is guiding us by our five senses to find, what we really need… especially when we suffer from diseases…

the moment we cook our food or spoil it by any chemicals, our instinct becomes cheated and we eat a lot of food, we don’t need to digest actually… the more we consume food we don’t need actually, the more we are straining our health… and moreover we are polluting our body, because cooking produces waste products, so called toxins…

the most of these toxins our detox system cannot get rid of, except by inflammatory processes…! that is, what they call civilizations illnesses… of course cooking is the most characteristic mark of human civilization, but it is not healthy…


so, when you suffer from various diseaseses related to your so called civilization you have several choices to cure your body:

– eating wild food directly out of nature

– eating raw food from natural gardening like permaculture

– eating carefully steamed food in accordance to your blood group


moreover there are some shamanic, nature therapies to support your diet in acute illness:

– healing earth

– healing herbs

– healing trees…


and don’t forget about the spiritual power of pure and wild nature you may experience during the following exercises:

– meditation in nature

– reconciliation with trees

– being natural in nature…







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  1. Sehr schön beschrieben. Wir auf der Finca la Castaña praktizieren das zu einem überwiegenden Teil.

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