grounding with Trees


… is one of the most natural exercises

to harmonize your whole being

with our mother earth…




imagine your naked feet touching the fresh and green grass under these majestic olive trees… do you get the premonition it might be quite relaxing…?

indeed, by the connection of your naked feet with a natural covered surface of the earth, you become “grounded”… you can measure it physically with a voltmeter: the moment you walk barefoot over the earth your voltage calms down to a healthy level… you feel the tension decreases… headache or bloodpressure are easing off… we sleep better, we digest better and we recover faster…

so far we all know about the experience of getting grounded… but did you ever thought about the possibility to get grounded on all levels of your life energy centres…? in india these life energy centers are called <chakras>… it is not only our physical body and the way we digest (1.chakra), where we might be strained and therefore need to be grounded again… it is also the way we erotisize (2.chakra), the way we feel (3.chakra), the way we take care (4.chakra), the way we create (5.chakra) and the way we think (6.chakra) …

we may be easy or dis-easy, we may be hungry or fed up ( center), we may be full of desire or full of disgust (2.), we may be happy or we may be sorry (3.), we may care or we may worry (4.), we may be creative or distructive (5.), we may understand or we may take it wrong (6.)… we may ease up or we may dis-ease… but in all these different metabolism processes we have the same possibility to get grounded…! we just have to get in contact with nature on the level we dis-ease and we will get grounded again by the chakras of our mother earth…

the more we touch the natural way of living, the more we will get grounded… the more we will ease up…! and it is absolutely fascinating to touch the chakras of the trees… to feel the grounding power floating through us… on every level… either body(1), sex(2), guts(3), heart(4), throat(5) or brain(6)… the trees have all the corresponding life energy centers, as we have as well…!!

there is no esoteric experience more touching, than being connected with the grounding chakras of the trees…







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  1. Beatrice Pook says:

    This is beautiful and absolutely right,in these days of mental and emotional overload the best thing one can do is to get close to nature again; thank you for holding space for that!

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