earth waving


…is the art of waving in harmony with Mother Earths eternal rhythms… in combination with the power of trees these rhythms are one of the most amazing healing energies on earth…



the three basic rhythms of our planet earth are:

the day with 194,18 hz (24h around itself)

the month with 210,42 hz (29.5 days around the earth)

the year with 68,05 hz (365,25 days around the sun)…


Earth Waving is one of the oldest techniques to harmonize yourself with the rhythms of our planet earth. many cultures are using this technique in their music and their meditations. but mostly the people do not know, where this kind of sound is derived from and how it influences our life …

some old Trees are harmonizing still very strong with these old rhythms… so we can get influenced easily by their harmony meditating under such a tree… in addition we can use some exactly keyed up tuning forks to harmonize us and the Trees again into the waving sound of our planet earth….




whoever might be interested – here is a brief scientific introduction to the 4 most characteristic wavelengths of our planet earth (or scroll down to the summary on the end of the page…):

our planet earth is waving around the sun in three characteristic wavelengths:

at first there is the wavelength of one EARTH DAY, which equals one turn of the earth around itself. one earthday lasts 24 hours or 86.400 seconds. the frequency of one earthday is one turn around itself per 86.400 seconds:

 1 turn / 86.400 sec = 0,000.011.574.074…  hertz

this frequency corresponds exactly to the note <G> of our common octave-musicsystem…! it is just 25 octaves deeper than our audible G … (1 octave means, that any musicnote you start with and you go 1 octave higher you get the same character of note, but double as high. so when you double or octavate 0,000.011.574.074… hz  25 times, you get the common music-note <G>…!

0,000.011.574.074… hz  x  25 times octavated (=25 times multiplicated with 2)  =  388,36 hz = G

secondly, there is the wavelength of one EARTH YEAR, which lasts exactly 365,24.219.879 days or 31.556.925,9747 seconds… in the 32. octave it eqauls 136,1022 hertz, which sounds as a C-sharp…!

one turn / 31.557.600 seconds and than 32 times octavated = 136,1022 hz = C-sharp


thirdly, there is the wavelength of one EARTH AGE , where the earth progresses through its precessional cycle. the axes of our planet earth is not vertical but at an angle of 24.5 degrees. by this way the earth is spinning one precessional cycle around her vertical axes in about 25.920 years! in the 47. octave we get a frequency of 172.06 hertz, which sounds as the common musicnote <F>!

and fourthly, there is one more wave, which is very close connected to the waving of the earth – the movement of our moon …! the moon is rotating around the earth in about one month, more exactly in 29,5 days. the frequency of this rotation corresponds in the 30. octave clearly with the musicnote <A> with 421 hertz.  the concert pitch was in former times around 420 hz. e.g. the tuning fork of mozart swings exactly with 421,6 hz…! as well haendel, haydn, beethoven and others were tuning their music with a concert pitch around 421 hertz…


it was in 1939, when the western world decided at the so called note conference of london, that the concert pitch may no longer be connected with the moon, but has to vibrate with 440 hz…! which is much more the note <B>, but surely not any longer the A of the moon… and nowadays the orchestras are using even concert pitches over 450 hz loosing the natural harmony more and more…

it is remarkable, that our need to use higher and higher tuning for our music has developed in accordance with the interference of our more and more electrified everyday life… it started very simply with the street lighting, which interferes so strong with the natural light of the moon at night, that we first time raised the concert pitch for several hertz… later came all the electrified devices in our homes, we are using, as if we couldn’t live without them any more… and finally we have the fatal repercussions from all the microwaving devices such as microwave ovens, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, all the wireless connections  and so on …

remember, just a few decades ago, we had no electricity at all…  ! and only for a few years we are using microwaving devices… but already we behave like addicted people… we feel us uncertainly and helplessly without these devices…  let us try to live without them again… otherwise we will loose harmony in our life completely…!

if it would concern at least only human beings…  but for all the creatures around us, for all the plants and animals, who have to suffer from our stupid behaviour, using mobiles is just as irresponsible as smoking in front of a child…! and it is absolutely stupid as well… what are we going to eat, when the plants become more and more ill and finally will bring no more fruit…?!

and because of that, we started to realize our life without using any microwave devices anymore… and we strongly wish you will join us soon…



wooden-tree-300 .



C-sharp, F, G and A are the most characteristic waving-sounds on our planet earth. any kind of music using these notes creates the most touching sound for us…

this sound is used in many chants, mantras and other meditations… the vibration of each of these notes and further on the exact composing of these waves with each other has a deep harmonizing effect on all of our chakras: on our body-chakra as well as on our sexual-chakra, on our feeling-chakra, on our heart-chakra, on our creativity-chakra, on our mind-chakra and even on our soul-chakra…



we offer individually adapted earth-waving sessions all over the year… for further information please feel free to email us:








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