the olive tree was one of the first trees human beings were related with… do you remember noah, when he sent a dove to find out, whether there is something growing again on earth after the big flood…? and as a first sign of life the dove brought an olive branch… with this olive branch in it’s beak noah’s dove became the peace dove… today it is well known from picasso’s paintings… used as a symbol for peace all over the world…




have a look at the colours of these dancing olive trees in the morning mist… these colours touch me in a deeply charming way… giving me hope and confidence… giving me the feeling of being connected…

when i compare my picture: “dancing olive trees” from 20o7, with picassos lithograph: “the youth dancers” from 1961… i discover exactly the same colours… i didn’t knew about this lithograph, when i created the colours of my picture… years later a friend drew my attention to it…

when i created the colours in my picture, i did it instinctively… i filtered out most of the blue colours and increased the red spectrum in a certain way… the result was exactly reflecting the feeling i had that very morning, when i took the picture in the olive grove in the valley of the dancingtreefarm… the feeling of dancing together with these wonderful trees…

now look at the colours picasso had chosen: brown, red, yellow and white for the dancing bodies… exactly the same colours as i found in the dancing tree bodies… and dark blueish olive-green branches are connecting the hands of the dancers… and a light green olive branch is in the doves beak… and the dove is white and hemmed by a light blue… is the blue symbolizing the special role of the water connecting all living beings to each other and to the sky…? the quality of water in astrology is still related to the leaves of the plants and to the colour blue… as green is no pure colour, but a mixture of yellow and blue…




in ancient times, when there was no electricity, olives were¬† not only important as food, but especially as lamp oil… still today, all around the mediterranian sea, olive oil is burning in special lamps, where ever there is no electricity available… here we have the white colour again, as the symbol of the light…


and third, olive oil was the number one cosmetic of the ancient world… it’s anti-aging power is still used in many beauty creams, even in concurrence with all the modern plastic ingredients… in nature cosmetics they use a special quality of cold pressed olive oil, which is not mistreated by centrifugation in order to separate the oil from the water… they wate for weeks until the oil swims by itself on top of the water… just as they did in former times…




and finally sir edward bach used the olive blossoms for his famous bach flower remedies… the re-mediating quality of the olive flower is discribed as:

“The Olive flower remedy brings peace, regeneration, and restored balance. Using this Bach Flower Essence allows one to once again reach to higher energy sources – those of the Universe.

The Olive personality has a little trouble with this, as they feel self contained and able to handle things on their own. However, once in the positive Olive state, these individuals are able to recognize their bodies’ early warning signals and are able to give themselves over to their inner guidance.

In the positive Olive state, these individuals appear to have inexhaustible resources, and are able to cope with extreme stress while remaining balanced and even joyful.”

(source: www.bachflower.org/olive.htm)

again we find the topics of peace by joining our physical strength with heavenly energy sources… and as dancers we seem to be supported by inexhaustible resources…


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