ev´ry  tree

is born as free

    as you might never be…

but when you decompose your flesh

back into fertile earth

you may be free to grow

into a tree and show

in stillness

   you are free…





probably one of the most beautiful possibilities to donate some money, is to adopt a tree… for me as a druid it is the most beautiful way of donation at all, because i believe every human being should have at least one tree as a soul mate… there is probably no living being more open, more tolerant and more patient as your tree…

come and build up a real relationship with your adoptree, may be  for a lifetime…  as well as an adopted child your adoptree needs a caring relationship… and you as well, you need the gentle touch of your tree from time to time, so you might be straightened up again as a human being…

and then one day, the day will come, when you are dying… and your adoptree is still here, growing and dancing and waving… and if you like, we will take care of your ashes… we will give them back to the earth of your beloved tree… so you might seep away into the roots of your dear adoptree…

by this way you will be able to join your tree for ever… just by transforming yourself again into the woods… becoming again the fruits of the woods… tasting again the desire to be ripe and sweet and tasty… feeling again the joy of being fertile, proud and free…

and you will grow in community with all the other trees and lovely beings in this beautiful valley of the dancing trees…


if you are interested in an adoptree or any further information about it, please feel free to email us:



2 Responses to adoptree

  1. Betty says:

    This poem touched my heart. Thank you Derek. Thank you tree.

  2. haritama says:

    Dear Derek, what a beautiful idea to adopt a tree, you’re right, it’s a fantastic way to donate and …. have a tree soul mate. I trust your love and care you put in to your farm.
    Please let me know how to make the payment, thank you. Hari.

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