on the Nature Sanctuary


in the northwest of  corfu island




the dancingtreefarm nature sanctuary is a place, where we try to live in harmony with nature… it is a sacred and protected space, where we try to learn from nature… and as we are a part of nature, we may learn as well about ourselves… and about the sacred meaning of life…


when you leave the holy scriptures

in the forest, they will rot and disappear,

so let the forest be your holy scriptures…


there are a lot of exercises, which may help us to read and understand the “holy scriptures” of the forest. most of them exist for thousands of years, like yoga, qi gong or meditating with trees and power animals… even older is the art of music like intuitive chanting and ritual dancing… and most powerful probably are instinctive raw eating, walking barefoot and sleeping on a tree…

connect your spirit with nature:

meditate under a tree you feel attracted to,

find your own power animal and

exercise yoga, qi gong or archery

enjoy nature healing:

grounding, nature tuning, earthing,

wild food and instinctive raw food

celebrate with us:

live music on the lake,

mantra singing in the forest

and free spirit dancing with trees




you are welcome to learn with us about PERMACULTURE

join us in our permaculture garden and fruit forest

and enjoy all those vegetables and fruits

mother earth provides us here



and for the beginning:

try to find back to your own instincts, thrives and feelings

they will introduce you to a sacred world we’ve lost

the moment we gave up our faith in life…










2 Responses to welcome

  1. Helga Munz says:

    ich bin tief ergriffen und sehr berührt von deinen ausführungen. Endlich weiss ich warum ich in spanien die wintermonate verbringen will, weil ich mich dort soviel besser fühle, als in unseren breitengraden.
    bin sehr daran interessiert, dich auf corfu zu treffen.

    in demut

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